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Our Approach to Group Learning

Please read this before attending any of our workshops.

Our training combines presentations, practice examples, experiential exercises and space for dialogue. We invite participants to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings with one another in small group exercises. However it is not a therapy space and it is important that, if you need this, you have your own supports in place.

Our intention is to, together, create a group space that aids learning and participation. As trainers, we set certain limits on the space that – in our experience – assist with this. This includes people having their cameras on during group exercises (we recognise that some may need camera off during presentations, and this is fine).

We also ask attendees to only share their own experience of learning outside of the group, and not to share any personal information shared by others. We ask that people use the names and pronouns people request and do their best to use ‘I’ statements rather than speak for, or on behalf of, others.

Whilst we do our best to faciltiate a space for learning, we also recognise that participants have a part to play in this too. Online training can be very intense. We invite you to take care of your own needs (e.g. physical comfort, having space in the breaks to decompress etc), although we know that this is not always easy or possible. 

In all activities we ask you to work within your own learning zone – a space where we might take some risks and experience a degree of discomfort, but not beyond it. This will look different for everyone and we trust your wisdom in choosing how you take part in and contribute to this workshop. There is no expectation that you will disclose material that would risk pushing you, or your fellow trainees, beyond their learning zone.