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Scholarship FAQ for CPD Workshop Series

Information needed to apply for a scholarship for CPD workshops, including ‘Trauma-Informed Dialogue’.

In line with our aim to create generative and welcoming learning spaces, we really want to hear a range of different voices on this course – including those who are often marginalised. In recognition of the financial constraints that can often exclude people from accessing training, we are subsidising a limited number of places on each of these workshops. We hope that these ‘scholarship’ places go some way towards our goal.

This page includes all the information needed to help you decide whether to apply for a scholarship, how our decisions are made and the kind of agreement we will be entering in to. 

If you do have any questions, please email us at: 

Who is Eligible to Apply?

We welcome applications from anyone who is keen to participate in our 2-day training who:

  • Have completed at least a 1 year foundation training in Open Dialogue
  • Has an Open Dialogue / dialogic practice (note: we welcome people who are using their skills in community contexts as well as those who are within Open Dialogue-informed teams)
  • Has a clear idea of how they will use the learning gained through the workshop
  • Is unable to afford the reduced rate of €175 / £150*
  • Is intending to make full use of their place (attending the whole 2-day workshop)

*We are operating on a trust basis – so we do not ask for details of your financial situation.

Unlike our introductory workshops, where we allocate places on a first come first served basis, we ask those wishing to apply for a scholarship place on our CPD workshops to apply before a specific date. This allows us to allocate scholarship places according to our criteria (detailed above). We are keen that the scholarship places go to those in the best position to implement the learning in their practice. Where there is a tie, we will offer a place to the person to applied first.

What Does A Scholarship Place Entail?

Those who are awarded a scholarship place can access the course on a ‘Pay What You Can’ basis. We are not setting a specific fee as we know that what is reasonable for one person puts the course out of reach for another. You choose the fee that is manageable for you.

We ask that you:

  • Intend to attend the full 2-day workshop
  • Pay what you can afford (you choose a fee that is manageable to you and does not leave you in financial difficulty)
  • Support us by promoting the course in some way. We’d love you to share some of your excitement around attending (in person and/or via Social Media) and help us reach out to others who may be interested in attending.
  • Reply, promptly, to any offer of a place (if we do not hear back within 1 week we will offer the place to someone else).
  • Agree to abide by our terms and conditions once you have accepted your place.

Why Do You Limit The Number Of Places? 

In providing scholarships in this way we are balancing our commitment to hearing a plurality of voices with a pragmatic need to financially support ourselves and our families. This is imperfect – but it is what we feel able to offer at this time.

How Do I Apply For A Scholarship Place?

To apply for a place, please email with the following information.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Amount you are able to pay for your place (note: we do not use this figure to allocate places and encourage you to suggest a fee that you can afford)
  • Confirmation that you have, at least, attended a 1 year Open Dialogue foundation training
  • Details about where you currently practice / use Open Dialogue / dialogic skills
  • How you plan to make use of the course
  • Confirmation that you have read our terms and conditions and group learning agreement and are willing to abide by both of these

Please take your time with the application as we will not be chasing people to get further information. This is the information on which we base our decision. 

Each CPD workshop has a closing date for scholarship applications. We will let you know if we are able to offer you a place via email. If you are offered a place please respond promptly to either accept or decline it.

What Happens If I Can No Longer Attend?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you can’t attend. When accepting a scholarship place we ask that you, like other trainees, respect our terms and conditions (this includes details of potential refunds and substitutions). 

Course Information

Please make sure you’ve read all the information about the course before booking.

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