Dialogue (R)Evolution is a collaborative training and development partnership, founded with the aim of supporting the understanding and implementation of dialogic practice into different contexts and communities around the world.

As a training team, they bring together experience and expertise in Open Dialogue implementation and practice, trauma informed care, working with psychosis and other complex difficulties, Open Dialogue Implementation and practice, peer support and a range of practical and theoretical approaches to mental distress.


Dr Iseult Twamley


Rai Waddingham

  • A special learning experience

    Attending the foundation workshop was a special learning experience. Rai and Iseult guide the learning path with the same principles as the Open Dialogue principles. So you hear the theory and experience it at the same time. This makes the worksop very rich and meaningful.

    A special learning experience
    Social Worker
  • Generous and open-minded

    I loved the way they interacted with each other and with all the people. Very generous and open-minded. They taught in a very clear way, with lots of patience and kindness.

    Generous and open-minded
    John Doe
  • Presence and peacefulness

    I loved the presence and the peacefulness that Iseult and Rai brought, and the confidence also in the face of difficult questions.

    Presence and peacefulness
    Michal Verthaimer
    CPW Therapist
  • Freedom of participation

    The facilitating was open, gentle and allowed freedom of participation.  The method was putting less effort into theory or data while attentively, respectively creating maximum “here and now” open dialogue reflection from the first moment.

    Freedom of participation
    Dana Liberman